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Technical Partnering to Improve Education

Technology help to campus for making more efficient, resource utilization and secure.Technology can improve student more/ access to education, better and analytic outcomes, and the better return.

Technology has fundamentally changed the way students learn; everyone has access to the same platform.

Technology promise to help student skills development, communication, and problem solving.

  • Solution as campus needs - Our business analysis consultant will discuss with the school team and understand their vision and challenges. Based upon this discussion, we will prepare the suggested technology solution and help the campus in becoming more efficient.
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Website Designing & Development

Today is online marketing world, website and digital marketing being very crucial for success of campus. With a website and digital marketing campus management can not only let people know about your presence in market but can also increase their students.

To get all these benefits and to cope up with the comprehensive online market, you must own an excellent website with informative content and latest back-end technology.

As experienced web development company we can be assured you about the quality of your website and digital marketing.

Key Benefits

  • Dynamic website with creative design
  • Daily updates
  • Search engine optimization with all search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc
  • Social media optimization with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs, forum, and anywhere your business is mentioned or linked to social.

Academic planning and execution

  • An academic plan is a carefully crafted set of goals that comprises key elements:
    • Course of Study
    • Planning
    • Execution with outcomes

Our academic planning and execution module help to make the lecture planning and monitor the execution with outcomes. Feedback module help to check the student lecture delivery vs outcome, this module also helping for teacher training.

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Observation module helps to school for continues improvement and leader in market

  • Classroom observation – Every teacher in the school needs to be observed at least 6 times in a year. Our observation module helps the school to define the process of observation and generate the analytic report in helping the school becoming more efficient.
  • Vendor Observation – Vendor Observation helping in improvement of work and helping right vendor for school. Our vendor observation module saving the amount of school and penalize the vendor for poor quality of work.
  • Employee Observation – Employee Observation module help in academic and non-academic improvement for the school.

Student attendance and tracking system - Nonattendance sessions factor makes the education process ineffective. Our attendance tools are all set to implement a high-tech solution that enables the school and parents to track and monitor students` entry, exit from school.

  1. Automatic – This includes student Face detection machine / RF ID which automatically scans and updates attendance
  2. Semi-Automatic – Teacher updates absentees in the class using Tablet/ Mobile APP/ Interactive whiteboard/ computer.

Self Development and Training

  • Teacher Self-Development - Today’s era is very competitive one, where only ones unique qualities can bring you to the top most category of successful bunch of people. So, to stand against the crowd, one has to work on cultivating those special skills. However, the individual’s eagerness and willingness to learn new things always proved boon in the self-development criteria.
  • Teacher Training Management - A teacher needs to be dignified, well-informed and patient. A proper training for teachers equips the teacher with the various professional skills that are necessary for good class management while simultaneously teaching them methods to develop these skills in themselves and the students.
  • Our teacher training module covers description of training, topics covered, expected learning outcome.

Parent School Relationship Management

Parent School Relationship Management

  • Parents relationship modules covered parents meeting, parents’ feedback, student strength, student weakness, student psychology, helping in parenting, outcomes of the parent’s teacher meeting.
  • Our Parent Relationship Module helps the school and parents to improve the relationship. Parents can register their complaint, provide suggestion to school and school department can view the compliant/suggestions.

Employee performance

Employee performance module helping in tracking employee performance based on their key responsibility area.

Helping in academic improvement

Helping in academic improvement

  • Teacher Development Plan
  • Training Management
  • Lecture planning and audit

Innovation in career counseling

  • Regarding you Education?
  • Regarding Stream Selection After X?
  • Regarding your CAREER PROSPECTS?
  • Regarding your NATURAL TALENTS?
  • What fields should student choose
  • Should I be doctor or an artist
  • Which domain should I enter?
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Innovation in career counseling

Budget Management System

Without a budget management system, it is typical to track of your expenses, Our budget management module helps to provide accurate forecasts and reach client goals.

  • Yearly School Wise Budget Planning and Execution
  • Department Wise Budget Planning and Execution
  • Budget Plan and Approval
  • Purchase System Linked with Budget
  • Notification for Overflow Budget