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ESCOP - Vocational Modules

Currently Vocational Training Institutes are using Excel or Google Docs for managing the student data such as courses, inquiries, admissions, fees collection, attendance, staff timesheet, module delivery, etc

ESCOP-VOC is the perfect system for managing your growing business of Vocational Training Institutes. It has flexibility and customization as per client requirement to meet business needs by almost any type of Vocational Training Institutes business globally.

Course Management Module

  • Course Catalogue with Curriculum
  • Course Catalogue Approval
  • Course Catalogue Enable/ Disable
  • Publish the Course on Website
  • Trainee can view / Filter the Course
  • Trainee can check the Eligibility of the Course and Apply
  • Course Admin can check how many Seats have been Filled
  • Course Admin can Schedule the Course
  • Color Coding is Available to Filter the Course

Sales & Marketing Module

  • Lead Upload and Communication
  • Company Registration
  • Email / SMS

Enrolment Module

  • Trainee Registration
  • Fee Submission
  • Online Fee Submission Available
  • Pre-requisite Documents Upload
  • Unique ID Generated

Student Management Module

  • Create and view Trainee Profile
  • ID Card Print / Issue
  • In Case of Company Employee – ID will link with Company’s ID

Trainers / Teachers Management Module

  • Create and view Trainee Profile
  • ID Card Print/ Issue
  • In Case of Company Employee – ID will link with Company’s ID

Timetable Management Module

  • Course with Trainer Time Table Mapping
  • Duty Roaster
  • Equipment Link with Scheduling

Timesheets Management Module

  • Based on the time table, module timesheet will be prepared for trainer and the trainee
  • Duty Roaster
  • Trainee Attendance

Examination Module

  • Marks Upload
  • Certificate Design
  • Exam Related Reports

Trainers & Trainee Portal

  • Trainers and Trainee Portal for Communication
  • News / Circula r/ lecture / video / Documents can Upload and Download

Certificates / Document Generation

  • Trainee Certificate Print and Issue
  • Certificate Design can be Customized as per the Client Requirement

Library Management Module

  • Library Master
  • Books Entry
  • Books Issue
  • Books Status
  • Book Search
  • Reports

Accommodation Module

  • Registration
  • Accommodation Issue
  • Availability Check
  • Accommodation Fee Collection

Reporting Module

  • All Module Reports are Available
  • MIS Report

Audit Trail

  • All User Log Files Available
  • Login Time Stamp

Placement Management

  • Company Registration
  • Interview Round Setup
  • Trainee Attendance
  • Round Clearance
  • Selected Trainee
  • Rejected Trainee
  • Complete MIS Report