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School ERP Software

Sonet Microsystems has established one of the most advanced and user-friendly School Management System (School ERP) which aims at easing administrative hassles and enhancing, efficiency and productivity and for managing various school activities. The School Management System (School ERP) is cloud based and supports various modern technologies such as – Online payment gateway, RFID smart cards, bio-metric, mobile apps, email alerts etc. With this School erp, one can generate circulars and SMS instantly. It also streamlines the interaction between Parents and teachers as well as reduces data entry effort through mobile or tablet and have a bilingual option to make the communication effective for parents from different areas. School Management System (School ERP) is agile which can be customized according to the requirements of the institution.School Management System (School ERP) guarantees that all information needs to be stored electronically and school management system is a trouble-free process.

With our School Management System (School ERP), the teachers can generate and print customized Report Cards as per their need. Moreover, the Report Cards can be published on Mobile Application and online.Moreover, School Management System (School ERP) system is proficient of managing various info system including employee information system and student info system, through which, the school can manage employee attendance as well as student attendance and all other additional happenings of the school.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is platform to bring all the resources under one single platform. The basic phenomenon behind any ERP solution is to efficiently manage the 3M of an organization that is Manpower, Money and Materials. Sonet Microsystems have been working consistently since last 15 year to achieve the desired objective in the field of education. Since the inception SMPL has automated many Schools, Colleges and Universities.

We at Sonet Microsystems developed one of the most advanced and process-based school ERP systems catering to most of the prestigious schools and colleges. Both the school ERP solution and the college ERP solution has gone through an evolution process over the period of 15 years and as a result now we have an evolved solution. By going through the flow of the architecture one can easily say it is one stop integrated solution where all the departments are so beautifully managed. Right at the beginning from Admission management to alumni creation all the modules are on offer which gives a sense of satisfaction to every stakeholder of the organization. Sonet Microsystems aims at providing an efficient communication through its well managed process flow. By using the School ERP Software, School management can easily send communication related to any events happening in the school. School News, Circulars, Diaries is the imminent tools which helps the schools to achieve the desired objective.

The data base Architecture are so optimized that it provides a source of information needed for student, parents and management at much higher speed. It is designed to speed up the various task at every level across all educational institutes and offer modules that benefits every stakeholder. School ERP Software can be accessed anywhere and anytime through its exquisite mobile App available on both Android and iOS platform. Sonet Microsystem always believes that effective reporting at every stage is the key of success. Henceforth, School ERP Software concise with various dashboards for every stakeholder which will gives every required information over a click.

Sonet Microsystems’s school ERP Software followed an exquisite operational concept of “Service Oriented Approach”. We offer solution on SaaS based model. A prompt and efficient support mechanism is very much required for the smooth functioning of the ERP. A dedicated support team is aligned to provide a prompt support to every user. Sonet Microsystems school and college ERP Software provides all sorts of integration with third party devices which adds value to the school. Integration with the school website and social media platform can be possible with Sonet’s School ERP Software which enables every school to generate admission enquiry. Schools can share the News, circular and events to their website just over the click. Now there is no need of contacting website designers to update website information. Our unique feature offers an easy editor to update institution’s information anytime.

Our School ERP Software is capable of handling all departments quite efficiently through its robust modules. In Admission Management modules follows and process-based architecture. This provides an in-depth analysis report such as source wise enquiry, year on year basis enquiry comparison etc., which is significant for the top management to formulate any policies related to promotional activities. Under registration process auto seat booking process on successful collection of registration fee are available which reduce the efforts required to book the seat manually. In this era of COVID through the use of our school ERP Software admission department can send advance payment link to the concerned parents for the advance fee collection. This enables the schools to convert maximum registration to admission. Comprehensive dashboards are available for the management to compare between enquiry, registration and finally admission. Our Student Information System contains all the dossier related to the student. The basic purpose of this module is to enables the admin department with all sort of information related to the student. Certain kind of certificate like Character certificate, Boniface certificate, Income Tax certificate etc can be generated by the school just over a click. Sonet’s School and college ERP so comprehensively managed all the other modules like Fee management, Inventory Service desk. Complete HR management and the payroll enables the school administration to generate salaries very easily. The entire system is integrated with the Face recognition biometric devices which helps school to capture the employee attendance.

In a way, this School ERP Software is a robust solution which provide 360-degree integration among all different departments of the school, colleges and universities. The entire flow of the system is policy based. One can easily formulate policies related to every department of your schools. Multiple school can be managed under one instance which provide a quick and transparent reports to the top manage through our elegant MIS. Sonet Microsystems College and School ERP Software has been awarded top school and college management (Software) solution by many reputed organizations. We are partnered with top institutions like Microsoft and IBM. Sonet Microsystems has the capabilities of handling big projects. In association with IBM, we executed Pearson project. As in company we are expertise in automating big chain of schools. Our approach is bit different from the conventional ERP solution. We follow a process-based implementation tool. The entire process flow and the Data base architecture is certified by IBM. IBM did test related to various document like FRD Document, EDD Document. A compressive code quality testing has been done by an US based company.

School ERP Software Modules

1. Administration /Head office/ Policy management:
Sonet Microsystems School ERP Software and College ERP based on top to bottom approach. The first and foremost job for any schools is to set the policy related to various department like Academic and Non-Academic, Inventory, HR Management, Payroll, Admission Management etc. School ERP Software system and College ERP system also facilitate the management to decide the policy related to the various roll. Management can restrict certain roll to HO level. Our School ERP Software is completely a roll-based solution. Based on the roll given to a particular user module access permission given. Under the same module school administration can decide the seats available for admission in various classes. Mandatory and optional documents required for admission can be set for various classes. Age criteria can also be defined which will filter first level sorting in case of Nursery admission. School wise and category wise minimum and maximum registration fee can be set which will ease the work of admin department. To maintain the uniformity among reporting we have given the option of Reason master. Standard reason can be created which will be applicable at the time of issuing TC, Credit Note, and Student Withdrawal. This will facilitate a uniform reporting to the top management related to TC, Student withdrawals, and Credit note given.

2. Enquiry Management: -
Enquiry is considered to be one of the most important and critical data required for any school to flourish. An efficient enquiry management tools is the need of an hour. Our enquiry management module gives an extra edge over other schools. Our School ERP Software enquiry module facilitate the school management to gather the enquiry from every sources. We build an enquiry landing page with the school theme and color and integrate the same with the school Website. A complete reporting related to enquiry source being given to the top management which will help them in strategize the promotional activities in the school. A complete CRM can be maintained with the system which will help the administration to track the councilor activity and performance.

3. Registration And Admission Management: -
Our School ERP Software follows a complete process of admission management. Keeping that in mind Registration management is has to be robust one. Both online and offline registration can be captured into the system. Online registration link can be shared with the prospect to collect registration fee online. Auto seat booking mechanism is given into this module which will ease the efforts of the admin department. Upon successful payment of the mandatory registration fee and submission of all the mandatory documents automatic seat will be booked. We also given the option for collecting advance fee against the registration which will further be adjusted upon final admission confirmation. Once a parents done with all the registration procedures a complete registration form can be generated from the system. School management can also share the fee structure related to any class to the prospective parents at the registration stage.

Once registration process is over, the concerned authorities can confirm the admission and a unique admission no will be generated which can be further used as a unique id for all further affairs in the school.

4. Student Attendance: -
Capturing the student attendance is one of the most important tasks of the teachers which will consume maximum time in the class. Sonet School ERP Software aim to automate the attendance process which will ease the effort and consume less time in taking the attendance. We evolved a process where the student attendance can be captured at various level. The solution can be integrated with RFID devices, Face recognition devices, Biometric devices. Every mean for capturing student attendance is available with the school. The teachers can mark the attendance in the class just over the click. Absentee’s massage and notification can also be shared with the parents automatically. A complete attendance register can be generated from the system. The same student attendance can be used in the report card. No further entry required to be done by the teachers in exam module.

5. Parents Teachers Communication: -
Parent-teacher communication begins at the start of a school year and lasts until students move onto the next grade. Teachers and parents will make introductions and gradually establish a relationship based on the source of information shared among them. This is a vital aspect from school point of view. An efficient and effective communication tools will always be required in the school to maintain a good relationship with the parents. Apparently, Our School ERP Software provides a platform which enables the teachers to share their concerns, appreciation, complaints related to the students via diary. A diary can be shared with the class or groups of students and if the sender wants the receiver to respond on any query raised, then he can enable the same and students/parents can respond to the communication. School can also share the News and Circular related to any events happening in the school. The same can be seen by the student in the mobile Application which will be available on both Android and iOS platform.

6. Fee management: -
Fee is considered to be one of the most critical modules. Since fee is the only source of income for the school to meet all their expenses, a powerful tool is required to meet the expectation of the management. Our fee management is very flexible. Any school can collect fee monthly/ quarterly/half yearly / annually. A complete fee structure can be prepared and approved by the management. When it comes to fee, we have experienced the hurdles faced by the accounts people while giving concession to the student. Based on our experience with the school we automate the concession policy related to the Siblings and Staff ward. As soon as any student withdrawn admission from the school, Sibling concession will automatically be disabled from the second child. Similarly for the staff ward, School management can decide their policies related to the staff concession. They can also set the minimum month spent in the school to avail the staff ward concession. The entire fee management works on invoicing pattern. A bulk invoice can be generated from the system as per structure. And based on the invoice student fee can be collected through different mode. Student can also pay their fee online. A complete fee receipt can be accessed by the student. Student ledger is also available to the student for their reference. Parents can also generate Income Tax Certificate without visiting the school.

From the management perspective a detailed MIS can be seen on Mobile application. MIS will give a complete overview of everything happening in the school. A defaulter dashboard can also be retrieved from the system which will facilitate the school officials to communicate with the defaulter.

7. Transport Management, Transport Observation and Fleet Management
Management a transport is one of the most tedious tasks for any school. Lot of perquisites required to be taken care off when it comes to an efficient transport and fleet management. Sonet’s School ERP Software facilitate the school admin to manage all the task related to the transport. We have given a platform where all the documents like Insurance Certificate, fitness certificate, Pollution certificate of, every bus can be managed. A proper communication can also be shared with our ERP to the transport manager upon the expiry of any documents. Not only this, Our School ERP Software will enable the authorities to manage fuel consumed in the transport. Based on this, A transport milage report can also be fetched from the system which will be efficacious in judging any malpractices.

Our School ERP Software can also be integrated with the GPS installed in the buses. This will help the authorities in locating the buses while in fields. GPS integration also provide a communication to the parents related to the arrival of buses one stop before. We also facilitate the school administration to take transport attendance. A well-managed reporting section will give all the reports required by the management. With the help of our School ERP Software the school management can very easily judge the profitability related to any rout.

Sonet Microsystems helps the schools gain vital control over your fleet management procedures, saving time and eliminating messy paperwork. The comprehensive School ERP Software system streamlines your processes and empowers your team to manage your vehicles from anywhere.

Gain full visibility of your operation, keep your team accountable and make decisions you can trust based on real-time data available with the fleet in charge. A comprehensive transport observation can be done in the buses based on the pre-defined parameters. Observation related to CCTV working, door broken, Drivers uniform etc. can be done to deal with any future eventualities and ensures best and smooth operation of the buses.

8. Academic and Lesson plan: -
Academic is one of the vital aspects of any school. A well-managed academics can determine the future of any school and no Schools would like to compromise on the academic part. Sonet Microsystems brings with its School ERP Software a module which is administered in competent manner. Our School ERP Software provides a platform where teachers can create a comprehensive Lesson plan for every topic. Learning outcomes of a particular topic can be incorporated into the system. Various resources like youtube, Khan Academy, Google Classroom, NCERT reference can be used to prepare any topics.

After creation of the lesson plan scheduling will be done related to the delivery of the particular topic. Online classes can be planned with the help of our academic module. We do provide integration with Zoom, Microsoft team and Google meet for successfully conducting online classes.

Course wise student attendance can be captured and based on the policy of the school overall present and absent can be marked by the systems. Homework and assignment related to any topic can be shared by the teachers to the student and student can submit the assignment online which will be available to the teachers for their perusal.

We also facilitating the schools to share e-content related to any subjects and topics to the student. School can maintain their own data base related to any subjects and courses.

A detailed syllabus coverage status will be available for the principal and administration to track the ongoing execution plan.

9. Examination and Grading: -
Examination is one of the core modules for the schools. Exam module is not only about delivering the progress report of the student but lot of more in-depth analytics of student which is essential for the teachers to determine a child overall performance. Our School ERP Software system gives overall analytics of the student which is very much relevant for the teachers to judge child overall grooming based on various parameter like regularity, punctuality etc. Our exam module is very comprehensively designed. Co-scholastic and Scholastic part are intended to ease the teacher’s work. Teachers can feed in the marks subject wise into the ERP system. Bulk excel mark upload feature are also available which ease the teacher’s effort to do the mark entry. Mark will be converted automatically based on the pre-defined grading structure. Similarly, under Co-Scholastic area remarks can be feed through predefined template. Our School ERP Software system emphasize more on the outcomes and analytics of the data feed by the teachers. To achieve the desired outcomes the school management can retrieve many reports from the system. Report card format can be designed as per the expectation of the school and the student have the flexibility to view or download the report card both from dashboard and Mobile App. After generating the report card so many analysis reports are available, which teachers prepares on daily basis like Top Liner, Bottom Liner, Subject wise topper etc. these all report are available just over the click to the teacher. Hence, this will help the teachers to focus on weaker students consequently the overall grooming of the student can be achieved. From the management point of view year on year performance report of the class can be retrieve from the system. Exam locking feature are also available which is relevant for the management to restrict the reentering of marks.

10. Staff Information and Attendance: -
Sonet Microsystems School ERP systems Staff Information module focus on maintaining a complete profiling of the staff. Our school ERP system provide a platform where every staff can create his or her own profile. Details related to staff family history, co- curriculum activities, teaching capabilities etc can be mentioned. During the professional career if any staff has gone through any training & development program or published any books or thesis that also can be incorporated into the system. Employee id card can be generated as per the format given by the school. A complete leave policy can be managed from the system. Our School ERP Software facilitate every staff to request for their leave both through the staff portal and the mobile app. We also maintain the time group policy into the system which helps the school management to differentiate between the staff having different office timing. Staff attendance can be captured through Face recognition machine, and biometric devices based on the punch policy of the schools. The school can formulate punch policy department wise. Our ERP systems also facilitate schools to determine week off for the staff accordingly leaves and punch policy can be managed. This module gives ease to the staff to view his or her leave balances into their portal and mobile application. Form the administration point of view this ERP system gives a detail report related the staff attendance. We incorporated a work flow engine which enables the admin department to determine the leave approving authorities of the any staff. In the era of COVID we have given the option of self-punch to the staff. This will help the staff to punch their attendance at ease while setting at home. For self-punch we also capturing the location of the staff so that a transparent report can be prepared related to the punch location of the staff. Various reports like daily attendance report, Monthly attendance report, leave balance report, leave ledger etc can be generated from the system.

11. HRMS and Payroll management.
Sonet microsystems School ERP systems come with a thorough payroll management module. The basic purpose of this module is to manage the most tedious task of the accounts department that of generation of staff salary. This module is linked with the staff attendance devices which gives an edge to the concerned department to get the number of working days of the staff just over a click. Salary structure can be created into the system based on the same salary can be generated. Accounts department only need to enter the deductions related to different head for various employee rest calculation will be done via ERP system. With our ERP system Salary disbursement letter can be generated and same can be sent to the bank for salary disbursement. In our ERP system provision is given to hold the salary of any staff. Once the salary gets disbursed every staff can access their salary slip at their own convenience via mobile app or School ERP Software portal. Salary lock facility also given which help the administration to do the locking after the proper verification so that further changes can be prohibited. Reporting is the key fundamental of our school ERP Software, hence forth many reports like Monthly salary register, yearly salary registers. PF statement can be fetched from the system very easily.

12. Inventory Management: -
Efficiently management of the available inventory is the area of concern for any school. And this is even more important when the management is having group of schools. Our ERP systems gives an edge to the management through a centralized inventory management tool. In our School ERP system, policy related to the inventory can be set at HO level. HO can do the purchasing centrally which saves lot of cost. A complete vendor management can be done from the system. The school local store can request for any article from the HO and HO can transfer the requisite articles to the school. Fixed assets and consumable both can be managed into the systems. In our ERP systems minimum reorder level of every article can be set which will help the school purchase department to decide which article needs to be purchase and when. In our ERP system vendor list can be mentioned. At the time of item acquisition PO can be generated from the system and a complete GRN process will be followed. The bills of any item can be uploaded into the system. This School ERP system will help the school official to efficiently manage their inventory related to the schools. Our inventory management also comes with the work flow engine which enable the school to have a proper accountability related to any issued article. School management can also operate their own Point of Sale POC in the school. Bills of material (BOM) can be created from system which will brings transparency between store and the purchase department.

13. Library Management: -
In our school ERP Software Library is so comprehensively managed. Every aspect related to the library are taken care off. The first and foremost job of any librarian is to do the book acquisition. Our ERP system gives a flexibility to the librarian to acquire books at their ease. Our Library module is integrated with the google library. Books can be acquired just by entering the ISBN number. Once ISBN is entered into the system all the basic detail of the particular books will automatically fetched from the system. Bar code can be generated for every books. The same bar code can be used for book issue and return. Policy related to the issuance of the book can be set both for the staff and the students. Once any student and staff reach to their maximum issue limit system will not allow the librarian to issue books. Some important reports like Books in Circulation, Overdue books etc can be generated from the system. Our ERP system follows a complete DDC classification. Books cataloging can also be done into the systems.

Stock verification is one of the hectic jobs for any librarian, our software provides an effortless verification tool which ease the efforts of the librarian.

14. Service Desk: -
Determining the KRA and ensuring a proper work execution as per the set KRA is very challenging for any school administration. To overcome with such problem Sonet Microsystems ERP systems brings one of the most advanced modules which aims at managing the task of every staff into the school. Both schedule and random task can be created into the system and system will give a proper reminder to the user, of any specific task before its occurrence. This will help the school administration to ensure work efficiency of every staff into the school. All the service request related to any department can be entered into the system. Designated person will receive the notification related to any specific issue raised by any staff. Our ERP systems policy related to the TAT can be set for every scheduled and unscheduled task. Based on to the policy system will calculate delay in completion of task. Not only the service request but item request can also be managed from this module. A proper accountability of the store department can be established related to any issued article.

From the management point of view, the ERP system will give a dashboard which will enable the management to see any lag in any of the department and can take the corrective action.

15. Mobile App for Parents: -
Our school ERP system, comes with the mobile application both on Android and iOS platform which will be efficacious in establishing healthy, transparent and cordial relationship with the parents and students. The mobile application is the replica of ERP only. The basic aim of the parent’s mobile app is to facilitate the parents and the students, the knowledge related to the school daily affairs of the schools. With the help of mobile application, schools can share the News and circular related to the school. Parents can also see the progress report of their ward at their convenience. Online fee payment can also be done by the parents through the use of mobile application.

16. Mobile App for the Teachers: -
School teachers and staff can access the mobile application as per their convenience. Lot of work related to the teachers can be done through the mobile application. Staff can also raise leave request or approve leave request from the mobile application. During this covid time we incorporated a tool which will help the teachers to do a copy checking through their mobile application. Home work and assignment can be shared via mobile application. In a way, Mobile application gives a sense of satisfaction to every user in performing their scheduled task.

17. Mobile App for the Admin: -
Admin app is designed with a view of enabling he administration a consolidated report related the functioning of the schools. The School management can view daily affairs of the school related to the daily fee collection, Outstanding balances, New enquiry received, new admission in the school just on the finger tips.

18. Visitor Management App:
With the sonet Microsystems school ERP Software, A thorough management of the visitor can be achieved. Our ERP system enable the school management to track every visitor coming into the school. In time, out time and purpose of visiting the school can be captured. This is also important to the school from security point of view. A visitor pass can be generated from the system which can be used as and when required.

19. Budget Management System: -
Budget is a vital aspect for any school authorities. Allocating a budget to the specific department and proper tracking of the used amount is very much important for every school to achieve the desired objective over the course of time. Our School ERP Software facilitate the school management to allocate budget for every department of the school. Our ERP also gives reports in terms of monitoring and reporting current year budget.

20. Real time GPS Tracking with Bus Attendance: -
Tracking of the bus location is very much important for any schools. This will give a sense of security both for the parents and the school management. Our School ERP systems provides an evolved tools which can be integrated with the GPS devices. Parents and the school management can track the bus location anytime anywhere. A communication also can be sent to the parents related to any delay, non-playing of the buses on the particular route.

Transport department can also maintain the bus attendance with our system. At last, various reports can be fetched from the system which will be relevant for any transport department.

21. Website and Social media Integration.
The entire School ERP system can be integrated with the website and the social media platform. This is will be helpful for the school management to easily share information from and to the website. Enquiry form can be integrated with the website so any prospective parents can raise the enquiry from the website and it will be visible into the ERP as enquiry. Similarly, if School issuing any TC from the system, it will be visible on the website as per the various Govt. norms. School can also share some news for the general public and it will directly visible onto the website through integration.

In today era of social media, one can never escape the impact of social media on human social affairs. Keeping that in mind Sonet Microsystems schools ERP Software enable integration with the relevant social media platform which will be efficacious for the management while thinking for any promotional activities.

School ERP Software Benefits

    School Management System (School ERP) provides the following benefits:

  • Cloud Based System no need of IT infrastructure.
  • Empower teachers/staffs through the E-learning platform
  • Multiple School Branches Managed under single solution.
  • Responsive Web application run on Mobile, Tab, Computer (optimize for any display size).
  • Preconfigured all school policy to minimize user intervention and reduce dependency.
  • User Login as per there role
  • Keep parents and students in the connectivity loop at all times, through SMS, Email and Mobile Apps
  • Go paperless, e- reports can be generated on a click of a button
  • Complete School Management System from enquiry to alumni.
  • Managing all stake holders like Student, Parents, Teacher, Staff, Principal, Admin, Management.
  • It helps in Reducing monotonous task of administrative department. Track student en route, to and from home
  • Role Based System as per user rights.
  • Multilevel Automated Work Flow.
  • Template Base automatic SMS/ Email
  • Stylish website presence, which will showcase your school’s vision and mission for education to the society
  • GPS tracking through mobile APP
  • Third Party Integration like Bio metric , IP Camera, Bus/ Van GPS.
  • Managing library’s cataloguing, accessioning and circulation effortlessly
  • Online Payment gateway for fee payment.
  • Result analysis.
  • Self Service Portal for Parents
  • Mobile APP for Parents
  • Mobile APP for Teacher
  • Student Attendance Marking Through APP
  • Student Attendance Marking Through UHF Card/ Smart Card
  • Smart Card Integration
  • UHF card Integration
  • RF Card Integration

School ERP Management System Modules

    Our School Management System (School ERP) Modules

  • Administration and Policy Management
  • Enquiry Management
  • Registration/ Admission Management
  • Fee Management
  • Transport Management
  • Time Table
  • Student Attendance
  • Student Examination System
  • Staff Information and Attendance
  • Payroll Management
  • Library Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Parents/ Staff Self Service Portal
  • SMS/ Email Integration
  • ID Card Design
  • Academic Module for lesson planning
  • Time Table upload
  • school/ teacher diary
  • Biometric Integration for staff attendance
  • Bar code integration on library
  • Mobile APP for Parent & Staff
  • Student Attendance through Mobile APP/ Tab/ Biometric Machine/ UHF Card